motor installation services

Don’t you feel annoyed when the motor of your garage door stops working? The motor in most cases have a problem in its chain. To solve this problem, our team of Brookhaven garage door repair, NY can install a motor hat has automatic chain tensioning system so chain never stops and your garage door opens and closes when you want it to. We can also help you procure the motor with this specific feature at a low rate than the market by using our sources.

When we take over the new door installation done by others like you tried to install it yourself or hired someone who was not competent enough and the job was badly done. You can also trust us to check every corner of your garage for any problems that might make the garage door to stop like a broken spring as it can create problems for you in the future. Won’t it be smart to let us handle that problem too when we are working so that you don’t get irritated by it? If you have any queries on the types of motors we can install for you then you can reach us today to get the answers.